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Sister Act - The Musical

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for a part in

Sister Act - The Musical

It is essential that you read the following information carefully before registering.

You are here because you want to be part of the show! I donít blame you; it is going to be yet another amazing Keighley Musical Theatre Company production! In order to make this show a success, we will require 100% commitment from the entire cast that is selected..

Important: You must disclose in your registration, any commitments that will affect your ability to attend any calls. Furthermore, we ask that you do not take on any new commitments that may affect your attendance or performance.
In such cases the company reserves the right to re-cast the part.

We understand that things do come up. We all can have family issues, unexpected work hours, sickness, etc. These things are rare, but understandable. However, laziness will not be tolerated. If you are repeatedly late for rehearsals without reason, or are absent too many times, we will start to question whether you are completely dedicated to your fellow cast mates and the show.

If you feel that commitment will be a problem - please do not apply!

We feel it is best to be upfront about this. It is not meant to upset anyone, but rather prove to you that we are serious about making this show the best it can possibly be. At the end of the day, you will benefit from having all of your cast mates as fully committed to the production as yourself and your production team.

Information applying to all auditions
You will be provided with the music for one or two songs depending on the part. You will be asked to perform these individually.
You may be taught some dance moves, and auditions for most parts will include some level of dance. There will be a brief opportunity to learn the moves prior to your audition.

Rehearsals are expected to commence at the end of April. A full rehearsal schedule will be available just before the auditions, however as a guide, you should be prepared for the following:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday evenings - 19:30 - 21:30
  • Where children called on weekdays, they would normally be 18:30 to 20:30

  • There will be no rehearsals during August - if possible, please try to fit your holidays in then.
  • During September, and in the run up to the show, there will also be a number of Sunday afternoon full-runs.

For those that have participated in shows before, you would be familiar with how demanding rehearsals can be. For those that are new to musical theatre, it will be a whole new experience! We will endeavour to take into consideration the age of some of our younger cast, and try to avoid having younger children rehearsing later at night.

It is a requirement of the society rules that all cast of the show become members of the society, and pay the appropriate performance fees (You do not need to be a member to audition)

These fees are reviewed annually at our AGM, but are currently:

  • Society Membership - Full (18+) £20/year, Junior £15/year
  • Performance Fees - Adult (18+) £15/show, Junior £10/show
  • Audition Fee - £3 (non-members only)
  • See our Membership Page for more details

Audition Fee
There is a small fee to audition to help us recover some of the audition costs.
Fully paid-up members are exempt from this fee, so unless you are already a 2023/4 member, please pay your £3 after registration (bank details supplied).

In addition, all applicants must agree to abide by the society's rules including a commitment to appropriate behaviour

You (and where appropriate, your parent/guardian) also agree to the Society using your name and photographs in publicity information during this show, and in the future.
As a responsible society, we take great care of your personal information, and comply with GDPR regulations. You will be provided with information when you join.

Sorry, Audition registration is now closed.

The information gathered on this form is considered confidential, and is only shared with representatives of the theatre company that need this information. If you are not successful in your audition, your information is retained for no more than 6 months. We retain the information of successful applicants for no less than 6 months after the final performance date.

Important Information

Registration closes

Midnight, Sunday 18th February 2024

Audition Dates

24th/25th February 2024
 (time and specific details TBA)
24th/25th February 2024
 (time and specific details TBA)

Timeslots will be allocated for principals

Age Requirements

16+ years on 14th June 2024

Most parts will require appropriate
playing ages

Audition Preparation

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